Friday, March 2, 2012

how would i use blogs,wikis and delisious with my EFL students?

Blogs  are a very interested website that I can use  to bound a  good relation with my students that lead to a better teaching and learning in and outside the class. For example:
I can give my  students some homework s  or reading and ask for their opinion, or they can post their own material that they think it has relation to our topic and we (the rest of the class and me ) can add our comments.
I can also  post  an extra reading that are related to the previous topic we had in class and ask them to read ,reflect and add their own comments

on wiki , I can give my students some interested  learning games or online tests.

For delicious I can ask them  to subscribe in some English teaching website to help them improving their English . It will be a good use of online materials like  videos or online teaching websites .

 I can even chose one class a week that we take it in the  lap and start working on all of these three websites .
it will be a great add to my teaching style that will keep students ore interested ,and keep me more aware of my students  progress .  

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  1. Very interesting suggestions!
    Well done. You need to change the language setting, though.!